Merry Almost Christmas

Since we just moved in to our new house a couple of months ago, we didn't really get to decorate too much for Christmas since we're still sorting through some of our things and organizing. We did manage to pull out our Christmas tree and use the same tree we had been using for the past couple of years. I had wanted to get a fake tree a couple years ago because Ethan was a very curious baby and he would constantly tug and pull on things. And the last thing I wanted was tree needles all over the place. Now that we have a bigger place and the kids are a bit older, Mike wanted to get a real tree this year. But in the end we stuck with our fake tree and I'm glad I did since Karissa is just as curious as Ethan was. Also, the investment in plastic Christmas ornaments really paid off this year. Maybe we will get a real tree when the Christmas tree is no longer a toy for them.