Disneyland...a mini trip (Day 1)

Enjoying the parade from a higher view.

Enjoying the parade from a higher view.

We took advantage of the Southern California resident tickets to Disneyland over the weekend. We attended a birthday party in Pasadena and then headed to Disneyland at about 4:30. I thought it would be too later, but we also really wanted Ethan to see the lights at Disneyland after dark. We got to the park just as the parade was starting and Ethan found the perfect seat on Daddy's shoulders. He was excited to see all of the floats, even though he didn't know all of the characters.

After the parade we headed to Toon Town. We love taking him there because we can let him out of the stroller and run around to burn off some energy without having to worry too much. Of course as soon as we took him out of the stroller, he made a dash for the cars. 


Another favorite item at Toon Town is this telephone box. I still remember how much fun he had with the telephone the first time we took him. He was only 18 months at the time and still couldn't get enough of the phone. I hope this isn't an indication of what's to come during the teenage years.


It got dark pretty soon after we got to Disneyland so we decided to head over to California Adventure to finish off the night. We made a quick lap around Bugs Land, Cars Land, and finally the pier where we played some games. We were so lucky that Karissa fell asleep in the stroller and stayed asleep. We were able to stay for the fireworks and even grabbed a quick bite to eat before going back to the hotel. Disneyland is definitely more exhausting going with two kids, but well worth it. I love seeing the look on Ethan's face when he sees things he recognizes from his Disneyland app that we have on the iPad. He's starting to really like Disneyland!