Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures

Before our trip to Waikiki I did some research on activities for kids on Oahu and heard about the Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventure through a local photographer's blog (Little Bird Photography). I knew how much Ethan would love being on the pirate ship so I couldn't pass it up. I found a deal on Groupon and it came out to about $100-115 for the 4 of us. Not a bad deal for a few hours at sea while keeping the kids entertained. 

We arrived at the ticket booth at Kewalo Harbor just a couple of minutes before boarding and we were handed a treasure map and some pirate gear for the kids. Ethan was so excited to put on his eye patch and bandana, but was disappointed that he didn't have a sword like some of the other kids who had brought theirs from home. Well, I guess the pirates thought about that too and we were able to purchase a sword for $7. We were introduced to the crew and during the entire 1.5 hour tour we were entertained by pirates who remained in character the entire cruise. First Ethan was put to work by mopping the planks, then we spotted some enemy ships (other non-pirate cruisers) and we shot some cannons at them. Then we followed our maps and found the treasure chest and even heaved it out of the ocean. Everyone got their fair share of the pirate's booty. After all that was done, each of the kids took on a pirate in a sword fight. This was by far Ethan's favorite part of the cruise as he was the only kid that was brave enough to take on two pirates, and even brought the captain to his knees.

Overall, we would definitely recommend this cruise for people with children. Ethan was 3.5 at the time and Karissa was 2. I would say this cruise is perfect for 3 year olds and up (preferably 4 years old). I think anything younger than 3 they would be entertained but won't be able to join in on the action. Also, the boat does get rocky, so if you're bringing a baby I would recommend a baby carrier as opposed to a stroller.