Meet Ethan

Ethan is (mostly) a happy-go-lucky boy with a lot of energy. He likes to play with cars, likes pirates, and also likes to watch Peppa Pig. His favorite place is Disneyland and California Adventures where he likes to ride on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and The Little Mermaid. He's compassionate and always makes sure that everyone around him is happy, I hope this trait stays with him through adulthood.


Meet Karissa

Karissa loves to eat (this girl will eat everything). She also likes to play with her baby and stroller, and loves to pull out neatly folded towels and lay them flat on the floor. One of her favorite games is to pat Mommy and Daddy to sleep with a blanket. This is by far our favorite game to play with her, as she also makes sure that our eyes are close during this game and we get some much need rest (and a nice pat on the back as well).